celestial [think] LAB

Third Year | Spring 17' 

Project done in collaboration with Dana Kim (Finalist for the 3 Day Competition)

 The celestial think LAB is a zero energy structure that is meant to be an educational tool for students at ECS. There are five photovoltaic panels attached to the south facade that collect enough solar energy to provide energy for the small audience that it is meant to interact with. In the interior, interactive screens are provided to educate users about astronomy and what they are seeing through the glass panels on the ceiling. Visual indicators are also used to indicate how much energy is being generated through solar radiation. 

In relation to the interactive astronomy lesson, the space is meant to be used mainly for celestial observations. In order to maximize observation, the majority of the ceiling is made up of glass. The structure is made up of three alternating volumes that provide angled facades on both sides of the structure. 


Section A

Section B