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Study Model

Study Model

Third Year | Fall 16'

Project done in collaboration with Jakob Uhlenhopp

 The strip district is a lively, complex atmosphere. Known for its variety of food places, markets and bustling nightlife. Following an urban linear pattern, its magnetic atmosphere pulls people in. Having this in mind, this urban project aims to extend the lively movement of people from the strip district onto the site and edge of the Allegheny River. 

The resulting experience of the housing complex provides residents with private areas of social connectivity and areas beyond that are open to the public. The design also aims on an increasing resiliency, using algae for energy and elevating the units and creating a new topography with the new livable spaces. 

Site Plan

Site Cross Section

Experiential Render


We started out the semester long project by analysing the site and its context, looking at specific demographics of the strip district, air pollution, infrastructure and flood levels.


Infrastructure x Flood Levels Study

Air Pollution x Demographics Study

The next part of the project involved researching green roofs and its addition on a building. Trying to incorporate green roofs as not a simple addition on a building but as a landscape or components that form a landscape we came up with a design that involved units as part of the landscape

Solar Energy Study | Green Roof based on topography

Above is a study done to analyse the idea of using radiation as a form of defining where each component would go. These components vary by depth which allows for different types of plants to be used. ( shown with the diagram on the right).

Green Roof Modules

Early Exploration Collage

Energy Study 

Since the green roof components were generated based on radiation, we started analysing the amount of energy that could be produced based on the amount of radiation that hit the landscape of the site. From a radiation map of the site we filtered out the areas with most solar radiation and created a network of energy that flows throughout the site