connection w plant copy.jpg


Second Year | Fall 15'

Project done in collaboration with Emily Mellilo, Elizabeth Levy and Gargi Lagvankar

Trio is composed of regular, modular and organic pieces that are joined by extruded circles that, due to friction, fit into other pieces and hold the structure in place. Each piece has three fingers with circular voids at their ends. Our model is a composition of multiple pieces connected at their circular fingers by plugs that fit inside each of their voids. The voids each have lips that prevent the plugs from falling thorugh and keep a portion of it sticking out to fit into a different void. The circular form was explored because we wanted to use a geometric shape but in a more organic form that allowed us to work with curves that resemble the curves in plants. We were able to create a vertical wall by stacking the pieces horizontally with plugs holding it together. Some voids were left open without plugs to allow a place to put the plants. We were able to create space in our structure by making gaps between some of the layered pieces.

Module Diagram